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What to Expect from us
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Addressing Healthcare

At this small episodic care walk-in clinic, we are working hard to provide the care you need, including clearing care backlogs that have resulted from the pandemic where the healthcare capacity has been stretched beyond its limit .


No limit on Health issues, But Time Constraints.

While there is no cap on the number of health issues you need to address, time is a limitation. We understand that you may be frustrated ,please know that we are trying to help each patient, as best as we can . Please be aware the clinic regularly operational 3 days weekly.


Urgent Issues

To thoroughly and properly assess your chief health issue, please be prepared less urgent issues will likely trigger another visit. Upon your arrival, it is recommended to scan the QR code posted to help coordinate your probable next visit. Please note this clinic operates 3 days weekly.


Focused Care Planning

To maintain adequate access to a SUSTAINABLE care and to decrease your wait time , for today’s visit both you and the walk-in doctor in a mutually agreed upon plan will select the most pressing health issue demanding immediate attention.


Services Exclusion List 


Patient Presence

ALERT : To make your visit a positive and seamless experience, we encourage you to go over the services exclusion list below before you come. It may be relevant to your visit.

Once again thank you for trusting our services , we appreciate your understanding and cooperation. 
Please note patient must be present and able to participate in the appointment; assessment cannot be provided via someone else attending on their behalf.

Important Information
(Be involved)

🛑 Before you get the most up-to-date operating hours, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to go over all the below (it is very relevant to your visit/health) then CLICK "Excluded Services " bottom to take you to the clinic hours details.

You cannot book a spot for the in-person walk-in clinic, it is a first come-first serve based clinic

**Capacity can be reached quickly**
BEFORE you decide & and plan to come, please review the EXCLUSION LIST BELOW.

1. Once arrived,identify yourself at the Check in Counter:For you or any family member you think may need care, please have everyone's VALID Health card readily available OR a Private Pay will be requested (FEES)

* Patients from Quebec are Welcome!

* US & INTERNATIONAL Short or long-term Visitors to Canada, Residents without OHIP
card under Work Permit,Study Permit temporary status, or Diplomats ARE WELCOME.

2. You may be directed to do Step 2: The receptionist will help you to check-in and may direct you to the next step (Only OHIP card holders) to finalize your check in .

3. The doctor does not answer health questions for family member/s unless she/he has already been checked in.

4. Reliable Cell phone with voicemail enabled is REQUIRED 
(Unmuted, Accessible & Sufficiently charged) 
5. The doctor speaks only English and Arabic, please secure an interpreter to accompany you if you feel there will be a language barrier.

6. What to expect from today's visit?


7. Bathroom access in our clinic is available but restricted. Please use your facilities at home prior to your visit.

8. Know your medications or bring them with you.

9. Currently the clinic is focusing on providing episodic/Urgent Walk-in clinic services.
This clinic will announce when the family doctor waitlist is open again.

The best way to monitor new patient openings is through this page.

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